1. DEBATE : For MBA II Year's:

Conducted On: Sep 16th, 2016.
Conducted by: Dr. C. Naga Bharath Kumar, Mrs.K.Harika.
About the Programme: Debate improves rigorous higher order and critical thinking skills. It improves learners' ability to form balanced, informed arguments and to use reasoning, evidence and encourage the team work.

2. CASE STUDY : For MBA I Year's

Conducted On: 8/9/16 and 15/9/16.
Conducted by: Dr.C.NagaBharath Kumar, Ms. N.Vidya, and Mr. K.Mahesh Babu
Topic Name: A Damsel in Distress (case study)
About the Programme: To enhance problem solving skills, spontaneity, and initiation and communication skills.

3. Selection of Mr. & Ms. Fresher: (assessment of student potentialities):-

Selection Procedure:
a. Written Exam
b. Group Discussion
c. Descriptive Test
d. Stress Interview.
a. Written Exam:
Conducted On: 12th September, 2016.
Description: To examine the candidate’s problem solving skills, logical thinking, reasoning ability and general Knowledge. The objective paper consists of all I sem subjects, reasoning, aptitude and general English.
b. Group Discussion:
Conducted On: 13th September, 2016.
About the Programme: To evaluate student's initiation skills, problem solvingskill,
Topics Discussed:
i. eradication of terrorisms
ii. private Schools Vs public schools
iii. Local colleges Vs IIMS
iv. Impact of JIO on other mobile networks
v. Dowry system.
Conducted On: 18th September, 2016
c. Descriptive Test: To assess the candidates writing skills, spontaneity, and perception.
d. Stress Interview: it is a way to see how candidates react to unusual circumstances

4. Fresher's Day

Conducted on: Sep 19th, 2016.
Formal Programmes: In the morning session the dignitaries gave speeches and distributed the prizes to the winners who participated in formal and informal events. All the dignitaries honored with mementos.
Informal Programmes: students actively participated in informal events like dances, singing, skits and fashion walk.

5. Guest lecture : For MBA II Year's:-

Expert Name: Gayathri
Expert Talk On: Student Development Programme
Conducted On: 8/8/16


For : MBA senior's.
A brief profile of the company:
MGM spring (P) Ltd is a springs manufacturing unit since 1980. It has adopted the policy to manufacture high quality precision springs.
Purpose of visit:
As a part of II sem subjects, operations Management, the students get practical awareness about plant location, plant layout, production facilities, stages of production and know the functional areas of the organization.
No. of students visited: 52
No. of staff accompanied: 2
1. Dr. C. Naga Bharath Kumar
2. Mrs. K.Harika
Visit: on 11/8/16, Thursday at 10.30 am
Phase I: Is raw material stage. The Co., is using 8 types of raw materials based on requirement. A raw material varies and carries out the production.
Phase II: Is production Process. For production MGM P Ltd using latest technologies like CAD (computer aided design) and CNC (computer Numeric control). The process includes

  • Winding
  • Bending
  • Trimming
  • Tempering
Phase III: Quality control this is the last phase in production. Here Production Manager inspect and visual sorting the product.
Phase IV: Discussion: In conference hall the students interacted with various departments’ heads and clarify their doubts.
Phase V: Photo Shot:

7. JAM (Just A Minute) : For MBA I Year's:-

Conducted On: 27th October, 2016.
Conducted By: Dr. C. Naga Bharath Kumar, N.Vidya
About the Programme: JAM is the Acronym for Just A Minute. In this activity students are asked to speak on a topic of their choice or on a given topic for a minute. It is conducted for students to improve their communication skill and helps introvert and shy students to take initiative and speak on the topic for a minute.

8.Add making: For MBA I Year's

Conducted on: 4th November, 2016.
Conducted by: Dr. C. Naga Bharath Kumar, N.Vidya
About the Programme: students were formed as teams. Each team prepared an add based on 4P's of Product. They performed their adds and explained about 4 P's in PPT.

9. Internal competition: For MBA II Year's:

Conducted On: 5th October, 2016
Conducted By: Dr. C. Naga Bharath Kumar, R. Sravanthi
About the Programme: In this programme we conducted 4 activities to select a best team.
1. Written Exam
2. Business Quiz
3. General Knowledge
4. Informal Event
(dam shall arts)


MBA Senior's participated in Management Meet and they got second prize in paper presentation. Participated on 21st October, 2016.

11. Awareness On New Currencies : For MBA I & II Year Student's:

Conducted On: 11th November, 2016.
About the Programme: To get awareness about new currencies (Rs.500/- and Rs 2000/-). In view of making the students to know latest Indian currency notes which are changing from Nov 11th, 2016 onwards. It was an extreme decision taken by Prime Minister of India on November 8th, 2016. The main objective is to curb the black money and stop funding to terrorist agencies.

12. TAT (Thematic Apperception Test): For MBA I year's:

Conducted on: 10th, November, 2016.
Conducted By: Dr.C.Naga Bharath Kumar, N.Vidya, K.Mahesh Babu.
About the Programme:
To analyze the students perception, to improve the students in three areas i.e., concept that the picture tells, the feeling or tone of the image and the subject's behavior apart from responses.

13. Marketing Mantra :

For MBA I Year's
Conducted On: 18th November, 2016.
Conducted By: Dr.C.Naga Bharath Kumar, N.Vidya, K.Mahesh Babu.
About the Programme: Product Mix To create practical awareness to the students about a product in different dimensions like length, width, depth and consistency.

14. Industrial Visit:BHARATHI CEMENTS

For: MBA II years
No. of Faculties accompanied:
Dr.C.Naga Bharath Kumar
G.Silpa Monica Chandran
No. of Students attended :
Visited On :
28th Janauary, 2017.
Location of the Company :
Bharathi Cements located in Nallalingaiyapalli, kamalapuram, Kadapa.
Purpose of Visit :
To give practical exposure to the students regarding production pattern, implementation of advanced technologies in co., to get practical idea about each and every functional area of management.
Recreation Visit :
About the Programme :
As a part of relaxation students of II MBA visited silparamam. Students got much relaxation from their daily pressures.


Conducted On: 10th February, 2017.
Conducted By: Dr.C. Naga Bharath Kumar, N.Vidya
About the Programe: It is a formal discussion about the Union Budget. It is an excellent programme to improve speaking skills and particularly helpful in developing a convincing argument.

16.Management Meet & Workshop

Conducted on: Feb 16th, 2017
Sloka-2K 17- Learn & Explore: SLOKA was initiated to provide a platform for MBA students to gain a good experience of vociferous and indulging actions aimed at excellence. It enlightens analytical and hidden skills of budding managers from various colleges.
Chief Guests
Dr.M..L.S.Deva Kumar Prof cum V.P. of JNTUA
Dr. K. Rama Krishna Reddy, Former VC of S.K. University
Programme Description
"SLOKA - Learn and explore" events are:
1. Sudaksha - Young Manager
2. Vidhatha - AD Zap
3. Vignathi - B' Quiz
4. Pradarshana - PPT's


Conducted On: Feb 17th, 2017.
Dr.Sarita Iyer MBA,MM,MS, M.Phil, Ph.D,
Director,ITM Business school, Bangalore
Dr. C .Naga Bharath Kumar MBA,M.Phil,Ph.d
Principal cum Entrepreneur, RIMS, ATP

For "SLOKA - Learn and explore" attended 250 students from around 3 districts. Students were actively participated and won the winner, runner and best performance prizes in the events.

18.Business Game: Team Spirit for MBA I Year's

Conducted On: 3rd, March, 2017
Conducted By: C.Naga Bharath Kumar, K.Harika, N.Vidya, G.Silpa Monica Chandran
About the Programe: Team building is an important in modern work place. Team members work together for a common goal. It improves the relationship among them. Team mates should take responsibility for success of their teams.

19.Awareness session: GST

Conducted On:6th March, 2017
Conducted By: C.Naga Bharath Kumar
About the Programe:The main intention of this programme is to create awareness among the students about objectives, importance, advantages of GST. It is a single tax on the supply of goods and service from manufacturer to consumer.

20.ssay Writing: For MBA I year's

Topic: "GST - A dream to one tax nation"
Conducted On:7th March, 2017
Conducted By: Dept of customs, central Excise & Service Tax
About the Programe: The Government of India conducted an essay writing competition to students of law, management, engineering, and polytechnic colleges. The government desired to develop awareness among the students regarding GST taxation. To ensure high level participation govt of India announced a few cash prizes. I MBA & II MBA students actively participated in this event. .

21.Academic Topper Appraisal:

As a part of college annual day celebrations management encouraged the student's performance by awarding them with gold and silver medals.