Entrepreneurship committee

In view of developing entrepreneurship skills for the IInd year students of MBA, the college has unanimously decided to establish Entrepreneurship cell in the month of April 2016.

Objectives of the entrepreneurship committee:

a. To understand the roll of entrepreneurs in the economy
b. Identify the traits of successful entrepreneurs.
c. Evaluate the trade off between risk and reward for entrepreneur.
d. To induce an entrepreneurial mindset into the students.
e. To support the students to air an innovative streak in them.
f. Conduct training programmes related to entrepreneurship skills development.

Student Welfare Forum

College of RIMS open a student welfare forum. Members of this body are involved in many decisions regarding student welfare. This forum is worked under the supervision of the college governing body. This forum goal is improving the standard of education; encouraging and motivating the students to to participate in societal related works, voluntary participation etc.,

Development Forum

Development forum promotes a culture of professionalism and appropriate learning opportunities for students. The forum's aim is to enhancing the student knowledge about available opportunities. Motivate them to participate in any orientation programmes, industrial visits for enhance the knowledge. And provide a platform for mentorship and It also useful them how to interact with representatives